Felt Ball making with Carol’s Creative Workshops

Lovely blog post by Hannah Cox about one of my feltmaking workshops!

Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Continuing with my quest for more craft knowledge I signed up for a Felt Ball making session with Carols Creative Workshops.  Carol is a feltmaker, embroiderer and painter and runs workshops from her beautiful home studio is Streatham.  Also in the group were three other lovely crafters and Carol greeted us with wine and biscuits (immediate win for me!).  Carol is really friendly and the workshop felt so relaxed – which was great as I didn’t exactly take to the felt balling technique like a duck to water… consider me more a clumsy flamingo, overexcited by the sheer rainbow of coloured felting wool on offer.

The general premise is that you take your felting wool, wet it and add soap and then roll it into a ball.  Keep adding water and soap and rolling and the wool will slow begin to felt and join – leaving you with a collection of…

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