Feltmaking Workshops

Felt waistcoatUsing natural materials and traditional techniques, feltmaking is a creative, therapeutic and uplifting process which has enjoyed a revival in recent years as so many of us rediscover the importance and joy of taking the time to make things by hand.  Feltmaking allows us to play with colour and texture using wonderful fibres, threads & yarns.  It is a beautifully tactile process in which anything goes.  Work is produced quickly and freely without boundaries, so it is open to anyone, even those who feel they have little creative ability.

Felt has an ancient history dating back to at least 500BC. Nomadic tribes in Central Asia still hand-make felt for dwellings (yurts), clothing, footwear, floorcoverings, bags and saddle blankets.

Today we benefit from the availability of fine fleece dyed an array of beautiful colours, plus alpaca, silk and bamboo fibres and, of course, natural fleece from indigenous sheep breeds. Felt can be embellished either during production using all kinds of yarns and fibres to create pattern and texture, or afterwards with embroidery, beads, sequins, ribbons and buttons.   My workshops give you the chance to experience the joy of playing with colour and fibre in a stimulating environment.

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