Japanese Sashiko Embroidery


Originally used to strengthen work clothes and decoratively darn blankets for warmth and thrifty recycling, Sashiko (which means ‘little stab’) skills were handed down from mother to daughter in the countryside of northern Japan.  Old Sashiko combines fabric in two or three layers, worn fabrics underneath and the best fabric on top.  Even the most complicated patterns are made with simple running stitch.  The stitches create textured patterns and all  start with a grid transferred onto fabric.

In an evening class make 2 small design for the front and back of a needlecase or 2 coasters.  We’ll start by drawing out the appropriate sized grid, then stitching in the correct sequences.

In a full day class, make the front and back panels for a drawstring bag with a different design on each side.  At the end of the class, if you’ve completed your Sashiko stitching, use my sewing machines to make up your bag.  Otherwise take it home and carry on stitching.







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