Folk Embroidery

Most countries have their own unique tradition of folk embroidery using stitches which form particular patterns with different meanings for use in celebrations, storytelling, commemoration of historical events and so on.  Traditional folk costumes are adorned with beautiful handwork and the skills have been passed down through the generations. Here in Britain we would recognise most of the stitches used elsewhere, but each country or region has it’s own recognisable style and arrangements of stitches.



My Folk Embroidery classes offer an introduction using a few well-known stitches for those fairly new to embroidery, or those who have not picked up a needle for some years.  No pressure as it’s all very informal and nothing has to be too precise.  It’s just a bit of fun to exercise your sewing muscles, practise a few stitches & have a sociable afternoon or evening with other stitchers.

During the weekend of 13/14 July 2019 I will be hosting some workshops in Hungarian Written Embroidery and Embroidered Flowers of Portugal led by Sarah Pedlow of Threadwritten Textiles