Nuno Felt

Nuno felting is a technique for felting onto fabric. The name is derived from the Japanese word “nuno” meaning cloth. The technique bonds fibres onto sheer fabric such as silk,  or loosely woven cloth, creating a lightweight felt. The fibres can completely cover the background fabric, or they may be used as a decorative design that allows the backing fabric to show. Nuno felting often incorporates several layers of loose fibres combined to build up colour, texture, and/or design elements in the finished fabric.

The nuno felting process is particularly suitable for creating lightweight fabrics used to make neckwear and clothing. The use of silk or other stable fabric in the felt creates fabric that will not stretch out of shape. Other open weaves can be used as the felting background, resulting in a wide range of textural effects and colours.

My nuno felting workshops can be taken over one or two days depending on how far you want to experiment with the technique.  On the first day we will make some samples in the morning using different fabrics.  Our final sample will use the fabric for your afternoon project to test the shrinkage rate in order to aim for accurate sizing.  After lunch we will make a piece of neckwear or wristwarmers.  If you wish to make something more ambitious such as a waistcoat, you will need to start on day one and continue into a second day.

Workshops run 10.30-16.30 – £60.00 per day including fabric & fibres for samples

Bring your own silk for projects or purchase from me @ £10 a piece

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