Bespoke Handpainted Canvas Floorcloths

Painted and varnished ‘floorcloths’ have been in use since the 18th century and were valued for being both hardwearing and easily washable.  Used particularly in hallways, dining rooms and corridors, hand-painted patterns were used to mimic marble, Turkey carpets or even straw matting.  This one represented  a hand-embroidered quilt my client brought back from India.

Painter and companion!

Painter and companion!

The invention of Linoleum saw a decline in the use of floorcloths, but still no other floorcovering provides the opportunity to achieve a completely unique design and colourscheme.  Seamless floorcloths can be made to fit any shape of floor and shrunk to fit precisely.  The canvas is then primed, the pattern painted and several coats of acrylic varnish added for durability.  Some patterns are painted freehand, others with the use of handmade stencils.  This one mimics ceramic tiles used in my client’s larger bathroom, but which were not available in the desired colourway for her en-suite.


soft underfoot in an en-suite bathroom

Compressed foam underlay is used under 10oz Duck canvas (sailcloth) to give a warm, soft feeling underfoot, so ideal for bathrooms.  All paints and varnishes used are quick-drying, and low odour so that your space is not out-of-action during the process, and can be walked on between coats.


Very large areas can have a hand-stitched seam placed in an unobstrusive part of the floor and, once the canvas is painted and varnished, are disguised.  Freestanding mats can be made for beneath dining tables or as hall runners.  Contact me using the Booking & Contact form for consultations regarding floorcloths.  Costings vary according to complexity of pattern.