Needlefelting is a completely different craft to wet-felting.  3-D forms are created using sheeps fleece and a barbed needle to work the fibres together into a solid shape, then fine details can be added to create life-like re-creations of creatures or sculpted shapes.  Needlefelting can also be used as embellishment, or to create pictures, on flat surfaces.  At a half day needlefelting workshop you will be able to create a small garden bird, a dog, cat  or a creature conjured from your imagination!  At a full day workshop you will have time to make something more detailed and lifelike.

Blue Tit & Robin - Garden Birds workshops Summer 2013

Blue Tit & Robin – Garden Birds workshops Summer 2013

Needlefelted woodpecker 002

If birds are not your cup of tea, perhaps you are inspired to make a furry friend instead

My textiles Autumn 2013 043

My textiles Autumn 2013 050